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Micheal talks about Filters

Michael talks about Filters   There are 2 types of human filters. Subconscious (Passive) Conscious (Active) Subconscious filters are the core aspect of you, they also form your subconscious parameters of expansion, in other words how much you can let
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Universal Consciousness and Self Healing

Universal Consciousness and Self-Healing   Humanity has begun to accept that what you think and feel you become. You create your reality. This goes beyond positive thinking. You can change your automatic response to circumstances and create new neural pathways
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Find your own "Michael"

Who is Michael?

Who is Michael? Michael is  Universal Consciousness. Before I can explain my current  perception of Michael, it is necessary to explain my previous perception of Michael. Who was Michael? Early in my spiritual development some time ago  I became aware 
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Michael talks about Creation

  Michael talks about the Creation Process Andrej connects to a Universal Consciousness  he calls “Michael”. During this connection, Michael expresses  consciousness through the mind of Andrej.                          
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You are the Universe experiencing itself in human form for a few seconds.

You are the Universe experiencing its self in human form for a few seconds ! Universal Consciousness is an undeniable awareness by the individual that no fragmentation exists between a living dynamic, universe and the physical world. It is a
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Your mind is a computer and you are the programmer

Your Mind is a computer, and you are the programmer. Is it time to reprogramme your mind? From an early age you will be have learnt from  your parents, teachers, and your experiences in life how to interact and respond
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Self Development

Success in life starts with understanding who you are and that you are in far more control of your life than you believe. Your mind is a computer, and you are the programmer! Whatever you input into your mind becomes
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