The World of Trance

Andrej Djordjevitch

Andrej Djordjevitch

The World of Trance
A Year Mentorship with
Andrej & Spirit Guide Michael

An experiential and developmental journey through the otherworldly realms of Trance Healing Trance Speaking and Trance Evidential.

An experiential and developmental journey through the otherworldly realms of Trance Healing Trance Speaking and Trance Evidential.

Get ready for an extraordinary journey. Andrej and his Spirit Guide Michael will usher you through the otherworldly realms of Trance and will illuminate the way for helping you realise your potential.

This mentorship embarks on a pilgrimage of the Soul where you’ll meet your ascended self, gain a better understanding of your unique spiritual gifts and explore higher vibrational terrains for forging a stronger relationship with your master guides and enlightened beings who are eager to connect with you and support your life’s purpose.

Mentorship The World of Trance

The World of Trance Mentorship Program Features

  • Monthly Webinars
  • Bi-Monthly Trance & Spirit Guide Development Group Sessions
  • Bi-Monthly Master Trance Labs for delving into topics for group discussions related to emerging developmental hurdles. The labs will also include time for student demonstrations with live coaching
  • Bi-Monthly Guided Journeys and Meditations for receiving guidance and learning more about how spirit wishes to work with you
  • Bi-Monthly specialized Soul sessions focused on personal healing and spiritual growth for helping you meet and transcend important thresholds
  • The Teachings of Michael via Trance Speaking through Andrej, delivering guidance, wisdom and personalized coaching for student development
  • Monthly Practice Assignments for integrating your learnings
  • Two (30 minute) 1:1 Private Mentoring Session and Spiritual Assessment Session with Andrej scheduled during the mentorship program
  • Access to a Private Facebook group for THE WORLD OF TRANCE Mentorship students only
  • Exclusive educational videos will be posted by Andrej to the Private THE WORLD OF TRANCE Facebook group, expanding on the monthly curriculum, discussing new teachings & techniques and sharing recent experiences in his ongoing development
  • Certificate of Completion will be issued upon successful completion of the mentorship program
  • Access to Andrej’s Private Facebook Community Group

Student Testimonials

“I have studied mediumship for many years and Andrej’s teaching is pioneering and groundbreaking! I have learnt so much! Totally recommend!”

Clair M.

“Andrej the teacher: How do you describe someone, who will take you to the next level and make you understand why we are all so worthy of being the channel of the universal healing intelligence. His ways are allowing, quiet and observing, yet his forces will push your spirit to experience the higher realms of your universe.

He will invoke the sleeping potential in you.”

Katalin Fligg, Germany

“Andrej has opened me up to the next level of my journey on this earth as a Healer and Medium. His courses are transformational for every aspect of the soul. Truly Divine timing.”

Phillipa K.

“As a medical doctor I am trained to follow my logical mind but nevertheless I decided to trust my gut feeling and to register for the online course of Andrej.

Very soon I realized that Andrej is a down-to-earth, quiet, humble and kind person with no airs and graces.

To experience his unique way of teaching was mind-blowing for me. Andrej enables me to deepen and evolve my connection with what people call the energy of the universe, the higher self, spirit world, intuition, gut feeling, angels, chi, soul,…..beyond my wildest expectations.

During the private teachings Andrej customizes his teaching to fit my needs or more precisely to fit my personal pathway and my connection with the universe. Each session is a spiritual journey to evolve my unique connection with the universe and enables me to remember in a gradual manner my true nature.”

Dr. Helga Hoerl, MD , Austria

“I have been taking private lessons from Andrej for the past few months and it’s hard for me to put into words just how profound and meaningful it has been. Not only have I learned to expand my consciousness and connect with extraordinary energies and spirit guides, but my life has truly shifted as a result.

The work with Andrej has unlocked a path of momentum and positive change in my life.  Andrej has a unique capacity to both teach and listen. His teaching style is clear and supportive. He encourages me to cultivate my own unique strengths and gently nudges me to take risks in my development. I feel very safe with him. He listens intently and empathically.

I am a licensed psychotherapist and am trained in the art of listening. I have felt so deeply heard by Andrej. I have enormous gratitude for this exceptional man and am humbled to be his student.”

Michele W.

All levels of experience are welcome. We do recommend that students have some previous training or experience in energy healing, trance healing, trance speaking, or trance evidential mediumship. We ask that students have an awareness of spiritual energy that surrounds them, a commitment to fully participate in the program and a desire for personal growth and development of your spiritual gifts.