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Andrej Djordjevitch

Andrej Djordjevitch
Andrej Djordjevitch

About Andrej

Andrej lives in Cardiff, South Wales, where he has spent most of his life and is an Accredited Spiritualist Medium, Healer and Tutor at The Arthur Findlay College.

He has spent many years pursuing his spirituality and seeking to integrate the spiritual principles that he has learned and experienced into his everyday life.

His aim is to help people to connect to their own spirituality and awaken the potential that is within everything and everyone.

Andrej travels internationally, providing demonstrations of mediumship and teaching groups of individuals. He also offers private sittings on a one to one basis for those who require a more in depth and personal reading or teaching experience.

He is active as a Spiritualist Healing Medium and has spent many years training others in Healing Mediumship and helping to set up Healing groups and centres.

Andrej´s main interest is training people in all levels of mediumship, from basic awareness right through to the trance states of consciousness.

While he is teaching Andrej creates safe, warm welcoming communities with his students. They feel totally accepted in the style of mediumship or healing practice that is right for them.

It´s important for Andrej to give his students all the support and help they need during and after their training.

About Andrej


Individual Coaching.

Andrej offers a range of complete one to one bespoke mentoring services to help you with all aspects of your spiritual training and development.

Sessions last for one hour and will be geared to your exact needs for helping you to understand how your interaction with the Spirit World works and how to deepen that connection.

Andrej also offers continuous ongoing support throughout your mentoring.

Private sittings.

Andrej offers a variety of one to one readings that are available through the Zoom or Skype platform.
Andrej currently offers the following private sittings:

  • Trance Healing
  • Trance Communication
  • Spiritual Assessment
  • Evidential Sitting

Sittings last for one hour and will be geared to your exact needs.


BA (Hons) History

SNU Diplomas


Spiritualist Healer

SNU Certificates of Recognition

Demonstrating (Evidential mediumship)

Public Speaking

Private Sittings

Spiritualist Healing



“As a medical doctor I am trained to follow my logical mind but nevertheless I decided to trust my gut feeling and to register for the online course of Andrej.

Very soon I realized that Andrej is a down-to-earth, quiet, humble and kind person with no airs and graces.

To experience his unique way of teaching was mind-blowing for me. Andrej enables me to deepen and evolve my connection with what people call the energy of the universe, the higher self, spirit world, intuition, gut feeling, angels, chi, soul,…..beyond my wildest expectations.

During the private teachings Andrej customizes his teaching to fit my needs or more precisely to fit my personal pathway and my connection with the universe. Each session is a spiritual journey to evolve my unique connection with the universe and enables me to remember in a gradual manner my true nature.”

Dr. Helga Hoerl, MD, Austria


“I have been taking private lessons from Andrej for the past few months and it’s hard for me to put into words just how profound and meaningful it has been. Not only have I learned to expand my consciousness and connect with extraordinary energies and spirit guides, but my life has truly shifted as a result.

The work with Andrej has unlocked a path of momentum and positive change in my life. Andrej has a unique capacity to both teach and listen. His teaching style is clear and supportive. He encourages me to cultivate my own unique strengths and gently nudges me to take risks in my development. I feel very safe with him. He listens intently and empathically.

I am a licensed psychotherapist and am trained in the art of listening. I have felt so deeply heard by Andrej. I have enormous gratitude for this exceptional man and am humbled to be his student.”

Michele Waldman, MFT
California, USA