Andrej Djordjevitch

“Your destination is an illusion, your journey is real”

Andrej Djordjevitch


Andrej works with students from all over the world and in most continents.

He totally teaches that it is the energy that we manifest is one of the most important things that we can do as humans.

Andrej teaches that it is the light that we are that binds us together and helps us to grow as one.

Below is a sample of some student’s experiences of working with Andrej in person and online.

Andrej Djordjevitch

Andrej Djordjevitch


“The Mentorships are not a course, they are living consciousness development.”

Biba Logan, Ireland.

Andrej is the “Gold Standard” for Trance.

Beth Holman, USA

“Andrej’s capacity to channel teachings is extraordinary.

His power and ability to manifest the Intelligence of the Universe, provides so much energy, that in his teaching sessions, everyone feels heard, seen, recognised, and supported by the Spirit Intelligence.

His Spirit led approach to teaching and development is continuously evolving. Andrej’s teachings encapsulate the way that we will work with the Spirit Intelligence in the future.

He has a wonderful ability to bring everyone forward on their journey with his humour, honesty, and integrity.

If you are seeking a teacher to bring you to the next level, to reach beyond your dreams, then I highly recommend Andrej.”

Mel Murphy, Ireland

“I have been taking private coaching sessions with Andrej for two years now and its almost impossible to put into words how deeply he has transformed my life.

It’s not only that he has taught me to expand my consciousness beyond my wildest dreams, but he has also shown me the meaning of becoming and expressing my true self. It’s quite easy to say “be yourself” but it takes a lot of unconditioning of human thoughts and behaviour to really find your unique self. Andrej helped me to feel confident as a human being by expressing my voice.

Through Andrej’s teaching I have found a new career path as a writer, and I feel so fulfilled as never before in my life.

I love Andrej’s humble and down to earth manner and his unique way of teaching by trusting the universe and freely going with the flow.

The results in every single session are extraordinary.

I am so happy and grateful that I have found Andrej and I am humbled to be his ongoing student.”

Christina Pfeiffer, Germany.

“This course with Andrej was one of the best ideas in my life.

The thing with Andrej is that it is not so much what you learn but how much you un-learn!

About the world, about life, about your self- all the things that society and people have told us about who we are and how we need to be, I have learnt to let go. By releasing all these misconceptions, a door opens to our true self and the wonderful energies in and around us.

Andrej has a wonderful approach to teaching, and you can feel that that he truly supports every student to find their own way. This enables you to embrace your uniqueness and establish a powerful connection to your self and the Spirit World.

To experience Andrej and to feel the energy around him is a mind and life changing experience.

I was not an unhappy person at all when I got to the course, actually I was doing fine. But after the week I can say “I have never been happier in my life”

Thank you so much”

Magdalena Stampfer, Austria.

“Andrej is the most unique teacher I have ever studied under, as he teaches in partnership with his guide Michael.

 I have studied all aspects of trance mediumship with Andrej and Guide Michael: Trance Healing, Trance Speaking, Evidential Trance, and several other courses in self-development. Andrej encourages his students to always work with the intention of connecting to the highest vibrational energies possible.

Guide Michael strengthens our connection in class, building a bridge to the Healing Intelligence and higher levels of consciousness that we might not reach on our own. Guide Michael leads students to new levels of exploration and experience through guided journeys in each class.

Through my studies with Andrej, which have been equally a study in consciousness as much as a study in Trance Mediumship, I have a beginning understanding of Multidimensional Consciousness.

Guide Michael encourages us to leave past understanding behind and to reach further than ever before into consciousness. Every class we are encouraged to set the intention to make better connections with Spirit and the Healing Intelligence and to recognise that we are One with All that is.

I greatly respect Andrej for his continual self-development. I have taken the same courses in Trance Healing and Speaking from him each year, but each year it is different and deeper, the content is more expansive, because not only has Andrej changed since the previous year, but his relationship with Guide Michael is also constantly evolving and deepening.

Andrej is a kind, gentle, patient teacher, who encourages each student to be their unique self, to do their spiritual work in whatever way their personal guidance shows what is right for them.

He opens the doors for us to experience the Universe and a much greater reality than most humans experience or even imagine.”

Karen Low, Waco, Texas, USA.

“I have been on the path of development and self-discovery for a while now and have tried various directions, approaches, teachers, and teachings. I have experienced both coherent and inconsistent things.

 The collaboration with Andrej is one of the most coherent things I have discovered for myself. It has become essential and important to me for the following reasons.

Since I have been working with Andrej and Guide Michael, I feel a very sustainable and rapid development of myself. i.e. the process takes effect and works very nicely and integrates with me in a wonderful way.

I have hardly found a teacher with whom the collaboration is so fruitful and effective.

I am impressed with Andrej’s openness and humility as he always shares his own stories and methods with me. This creates trust which helps me to engage better with the processes.

Andrej shares all his experiences and is happy when I take them and use them for myself and with my clients. There is no trace of ego, but rather an attitude of generosity in the sense of “Share it with the world”

One of the most impressive skills of Andrej is to surrender and go into the deep states of consciousness and be able to work out of them. This direct way and the quality of the experiences are especially helpful for my development.”

Christoph Pulg , Germany.

“Andrej the way you teach is so authentic and it resonates with us, because you are teaching our true essence. You teach us to be our authentic self without the conditioning that other people have placed on us. And that is what makes you so different.

You allow us to just be our unique self.

You have taught us to connect to spirit through our true self and not to be afraid to express it and show it. It is about allowing and expressing, and it really doesn’t matter what others think, as long as you know in your heart you are expressing the intelligence of the Universe.

I am so honoured to be a part of your journey and you a part of mine. I have progressed so much in the 9 months since we started. The love we feel for you, Guide Michael and for the team and for each other helps to build the energy.

Being able to have a space where it is safe to be vulnerable without feeling judged or criticized you make it so comfortable for us to just be ourselves, so a huge thank you in my heart.

We are very grateful for you to be our teacher and Guide Michael.

You make all of this so natural.”

Chan Karadia,UK

“Andrej is an amazing Trance Healer, Medium and Teacher. He works from his experience and learning of many decades, working with the intelligence he calls Michael.

Whether it is Mediumship or Healing you feel the love and wisdom from Andrej and Michael always flowing towards you so much and it completely resonates with what is needed for you at that moment.

I was lucky to attend a Trance Healing week with Andrej in person and that really took me, and everyone else, to heights in learning that were amazing.

Andrej teaches in a way that opens you up and enables you to surrender to the energy of the intelligence in a beautiful and natural way and that surrendering is a key to Trance growth.

Despite teaching and working all over the globe Andrej is purely who he is, very experienced and remains true to himself.

Andrej working in conjunction with guide Michael for me he is one of the purest and strongest Mediums and Healers working today.”

Manaka Dekker, The Netherlands.

“Andrej has opened me up to the next level on my journey on this earth as a healer and medium.

His courses are transformational for every aspect of the soul.

Truly Divine timing”

Phillips Kingsley, UK

“I have been taking private lessons from Andrej for the past few months and it is hard for me to put into words just how profound and meaningful it has been. Not only have I learned to expand my consciousness and connect with extraordinary energies and spirit guides, but my life has truly shifted as a result.

The work with Andrej has unlocked a path of momentum and positive change in my life. Andrej has a unique capacity to both teach and listen. His teaching style is clear and supportive. He encourages me to cultivate my own unique strengths and gently nudges me to take risks in my development.

I feel very safe with him. He listens intently and empathically.  I am a licensed psychotherapist and am trained in the art of listening. I have felt so deeply heard by Andrej. I have enormous gratitude for this exceptional man and am humbled to be his student.”

Michele Waldman, MFT
California, USA

Trance is a natural state for everybody but as a medical doctor I am perhaps more critical about the method of teaching and the “results” which are achieved due to the guidance of a teacher.

Andrej has established a connection to a cosmic energy which he calls Michael which is unique and very special.

The extraordinary development of his students which I did witness during this mentorship is from my point of view, mainly since Andrej teaches most of the time in a trance state and allows the cosmic energy Michael to connect to each student individually with the higher vibrations of the cosmos.

This unique way of teaching allowed me to follow my own pathway and destiny. Thank you, Andrej and Michael.

Dr. Helga Hoerl, MD, Austria.

“I have studied mediumship for many years and Andrej’s teaching is pioneering and ground-breaking!

I have learnt so much!

Totally Recommended.”

Clair Ann Merryweather, UK.

“I have never come across any team teaching that is so intensely really and honestly concerned with the development of the single student in a big group.

It has been and still is deeply impressive for me as an ex-teacher who taught pupils from the age of 10 to 20, and who was involved in teacher training to see that students of very different levels of knowledge and insight can work together with each other in a very respectful, even loving way.

It has been astounding for me to see and to feel the constant concern and love coming from all of you:

Andrej and Guide Michael, Elle and Jane.

Thank you!”

Christiane Z., Germany.

“A brilliant time Sunday. Andrej you make it so interesting, and I find it easy to resonate with the information and demonstration.

I get so surprised in an amazing way at what happens when putting what you demonstrate into practice with my colleagues.”

Cathy Hardy, UK

“I feel that even though Andrej & Guide Michael’s teaching sounds quite simple, there is so much depth to it and it requires time and space to be fully embodied. That is why having a full year of dedicated space is quite profound and meaningful.

It certainly has gone beyond what little I had known about mediumship.”

Naoko Kubo, Japan.

“This has been an incredible journey for me since I have started with you. You have opened me up to so much and you have affected my life deeply. It has given me a direction; it is allowing me to process what has opened within me.”

Linda Knips , USA.

What I notice is, when Andrej is leading the trance process, it is stronger, so it must have to do with your energy because it is much stronger when you are there.

I could really feel the difference, and it is stronger when you are guiding us.

Sonja Schuller, Luxembourg.

“I am deeply grateful and happy to be a part of Andrej’s Mentorship Class and for the warm-hearted and professional support and guidance of Elle Gulotta and Jane Himes.

Andrej &Michael (Guide) are very down to earth, innovative, creative and loving mentors.

The tutorials and talks are worth their weight in gold!

The best company to let go, trust, surrender and to grow holistically in a safe environment.

You are getting coached to your highest potential on all levels and you will find your unique way of connecting into everything there is to be able to give the best possible healing.

I highly recommend this life changing yearly mentorship program that guides you into the World of Trance but even more to the beauty and power of your true self.”

Anne-Kathrin Lüders, Denmark

“I am living in Belgium, I am a beginner in mediumship and my mother language is French.

This program is easy to follow and very well structured. Our skills are developed one by one, progressively, at a speed that was convenient to me.

I also had an opportunity to do a demonstration with the help of the energy of Andrej and Guide Michael, and it was a fantastic experience bringing me far above my usual experiences.

Thank you for all these gifts.”

Luc Crasborn, Belgium

“A few years ago I met Andrej at the Arthur Findlay College was a student in his Trance Healing Class and it was a pleasure to be in his group.

Andrej is a calm man, a good listener, and a great teacher. I learnt a lot and most of the techniques and exercises I still use today. My healing skills have improved, and I got more of an understanding of what Trance Healing means.

His individual one to one sessions are highly recommended by me.”

Edith Bruns, The Netherlands.

“I never forget the first course that I booked with Andrej because it completely changed my life. The first course changed many of my views and completely turned my life around in a positive way. I was able to become a different, better version of myself.Andrej has encouraged me repeatedly over the years.

Andrej has given me hope, strength and confidence. I would not be the person that I am today without his readings and courses, and I am extremely grateful to have met him. Often, I was desperate in life, and he always helped me to have a different perspective, and this helped me to go on.

Thank you, Andrej, as you are a very valuable person and the best teacher I could wish for.”

Stephanie Rosquin, Luxembourg.

“My name is Oskar and I live in Salzburg, Austria. When I had the chance to attend some classes with Andrej, I soon realised that his way of teaching is exactly what I needed. He picks up everyone at the level of experience where they are at this moment in time.

Most importantly he has the ability to remove all the pressure and fear of learning and working in the trance states of different levels. He gives me so much joy and motivation to constantly move on and improve my trance development.”

Oskar Preinfalk, Austria.

“I first met Andrej at the Arthur Findlay College in 2012 and at the time I had no trust in my spirituality or any kind of Spiritual teachings and at the time I did not know why I had booked the week. I learnt a lot that week and had the courage to become an approved Healer within the Spiritualist National Union.

Andrej’s method of teaching is unique and has provided me the support and help to find MY own Spiritual pathway. He always gives his best as a teacher and helps you to find out which is the best method for you. He stands behind you in every single minute of your course and it doesn’t matter how big or small the group is.

I have never met anyone like him before and I have been working with him for the past 10 years and I am very grateful for all the time I could spend with his teaching and mentorship. I would never have had the courage to stay on my spiritual pathway without him.

Andrej has given me the confidence to trust me sensing and my healing connection to the Spirit World. He has changed my life forever.”

Desiree Pohr, Liechtenstein.

“Andrej is the best coach for me.

Through his enormously strong connection with Mikel and teaching in trance, he knows exactly what his students need. Questions that are not asked are answered and he takes away the fears that come with practicing for each student.

My trance development has gone from 0% to 100% in the last three years because of him and I am looking forward to the next 100%.

I was also able to observe Andrej’s development as a coach and I can only say that it was phenomenal. I can warmly recommend Andrej and Mikel to every student.”

Christian Bleier, Austria


“Thank you for a wonderful Trance Healing Immersion!

It was evident it was well organized and thought out for the benefit of the students.

The best part though was Andrej’s teaching.  Impeccable, exquisite, and beautiful.  I felt in awe and entranced the whole time.

It is wonderful how you decide how long each session is and how long the question section is and you tell us ahead of time what to expect.

The students were also lovely and dedicated to the work from what I could tell.

It was one of the best short courses I have taken and the three of you working together were seamless. Gorgeous!”

Kim Copeland, USA.

“Andrej frequently says, “Your strength is your uniqueness not your weakness”.

What a powerful saying it is and what an extraordinary Tutor Andrej is!

Throughout the years Andrej’s uniqueness has created a special and precious connection between him and the Spirit World.

This connection allows him to share the limitless wisdom of the Healing Intelligence with those that feel appealed to his teaching.

When Andrej and Guide Michael teach, time stops. The energy in the room changes and we, students, feel surrounded by respect, support, and encouragement.

It also often happens that we feel overwhelmed by a deep and unspeakable feeling of “being at home”.

In order to help his students to evolve and expand, Andrej knows exactly what words, must be said and when to say them.

With the intelligence in his words, we learn at our own pace, to access Universal Consciousness, thanks to understanding three simple aspects.

Receiving, Processing and Expressing.

Andrej also encourages us to let go of any outcome in order to fully enjoy our unique journey towards Enlightenment.

Andrej’s teaching will support you in expanding and uncovering so many aspects of who you are.

Becoming Andrej’s student will make you embrace the feeling of being exactly where you need to be and becoming everything that is.”

Olivia Juillerat, Switzerland.

“Working with Andrej has been an absolute blessing to me and my life, for anyone considering a course, be it online or in person, I would totally recommend stepping forward and embracing the experience.

I have worked with different modalities as a healing practitioner for a good many years and I had arrived at a place of doubting my beliefs around my own Spiritual practice. All the searching and questioning, all teaching and teachers, but I seemed to have arrived back at my very beginning. I felt empty and detached, not connected, so I sat in this place for two years waiting to see what would surface in my life. One day a chance remark from a friend, that was not in any way a chance remark, guided me to find my way to Andrej and his Universal collective of Spirit energies/healers/guides, that he’s named Michael.

Working with Andrej and Michael was so expansive for me, the wording and non-limiting philosophy allowed me very gently to start to re-define myself, my beliefs, and my work. Andrej’s connection to the Universal Consciousness brings with it such clarity, so many gifts of teaching, such divine healing energies, you really can’t begin to imagine the ripples and waves of change that will start to impact in your life. It’s so multi-layered and multifaceted, the connection to The Source, The Power, The Healing Energies and our True Spirit Self is where you will find yourself, literally, after opening the door to working with Andrej and his team.

I really can’t recommend highly enough working with this wonderful teacher.”

Shona Sullivan – Livingstone Energetics. England.