Andrej Djordjevitch

Andrej Djordjevitch

Transformational  Spiritual Life Coach
Spiritual Teacher and Trance Medium

Andrej Djordjevitch

Online Courses


03 December 2022

Spiritual Assessments 3rd, 10th & 17th December 2022

Online Event

Assess and discover the spiritual paths, spiritual gifts, and mediumistic potential for yourself and others.

US $185.00

Spiritual Life Coaching


12 December 2022

Trance Healing - Monday 12th December to Wednesday 14th December 2022

Online Event

This is an intensive and experimental Trance Healing Course which will focus on techniques that will encourage you to understand, develop and experiment with your own unique connection to the Intelligence of the Spirit World.

US $135.00

Arthur Findlay College Andrej Djordjevitch


14 January 2023

The World of Trance Mentorship with Andrej & Spirit Guide Michael - 14th January 2023

Online Event

A Comprehensive & Foundational Learning Program through the otherworldly realms and disciplines of Trance.

The World of Trance with Andrej Djordjevitch


21 January 2023​

Progressive Trance Mentorship with Andrej & Guide Michael - 21st January 2023

Online Event

A Program Dedicated to the Evolution of your Trance Skills, the Evolution of Your Relationship with the Intelligence & Personal Growth.

In Person Courses