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“By staying in your own power, you are accessing everything that is”

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16 to 18 March 2024

3 Day Advanced Trance Healing Training Symposium with Accredited Trance Medium, Andrej Djordjevitch - 16th to 18th March 2024

Online Event: 4:00pm – 7:30pm GMT, Saturday March 16th 2024 – Monday March 18th 2024

Trance Healing Training Symposium will be held online via zoom over three days (March 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2024). Each day’s session will be 3.5 hours in length. The Zoom access link will be delivered via messaging two days prior to the first day of class.

The Potentiality for Pure Healing experienced within a trance healing session is positively magnified when you, the human healing channel, can remove yourself from the process and more fully surrender to the healing intelligence that you are connected to.

This extraordinary advanced 3-day course focuses on the advancement of this process as well as exploring new dimensional fields of healing for helping you expand the frequency of your vibration and the deepening of your connection with the Universal Intelligence/Consciousness.

Whether you are new to trance or are well-established in your healing practice (or somewhere in between), this symposium will help you unleash your healing potential. Come experience the power of your unique connection with the healing intelligence as you are guided by Andrej, merged with the presence of his Spirit Guide Michael, sharing their illuminating teachings and transformational journeys.

By participating in this event, you will:

    • Explore Multi-Dimensional Fields of Healing.
    • Deepen your connection with the Universal Intelligence/Consciousness.
    • Examine the uniqueness of YOU and how your unique vibration works with the healing intelligence.
    • Develop the energetic quality and quantity of the energy flowing from your connection with the healing intelligence.
    • Further develop the fundamental components of the trance healing process: Receiving, Processing, and Expressing.
    • Learn how to let go of the outcome, remove yourself from the process, and surrender to the healing intelligence.
    • Gain a better understanding of the evolution of your trance connection and the pathways you are creating.
    • Recognize the healing energies present that are supporting the needs of your client.
    • Experience the presence of “intelligent thought” as a natural companion to trance healing and how to trust this knowingness.
    • Witness powerful Healing Demonstrations with Andrej & Guide Michael.
    • Participate in experiential journeys where the healing energies are available for personal healing and transformation.
    • Connect and work alongside our global community of trance healers, mediums and energy workers.
Trance Healing Symposium Andrej Djordjevitch
2024 Mentorships Andrej Djordjevitch

Architecture of Trance Mentorship

January to June

A Foundational & Revolutionary 6-Month Comprehensive Experiential Education and Development Program in Trance Healing, Trance Speaking and an Introduction to Trance Evidential.

Architecture of Trance - Andrej Djordjevitch

Our 2024 Architecture of Trance 6-month Mentorship is a voluminous program that weaves together the best learning concepts from our prior year mentorships with new features for learning or strengthening your Trance Healing (Becoming the Healing) and Trance Speaking (Becoming Intelligent Thought) abilities as well as an introduction to Trance Evidential Mediumship.

The Architecture of Trance Mentorship is our most current and targeted educational course for learning and growing your trance skills and developing your unique expression and way of working with the Infinite Intelligence.

Features include initiating and evolving your relationship with your spirit guides and spirit team, working with your higher self for self-realization and gaining a better understanding of your Soul’s purpose.

Mastery of Trance and
Transformational Spiritual Life Coaching Mentorship

July to December

A Transcendent 6-Month Program devoted to the Elevation & Mastery of your Trance Skills, Mastery of Discernment and Assessments and Mastery of Personal Presence.

The Mastery of Trance - Andrej Djordjevitch

Our 2024 Mastery of Trance and Transformational Spiritual Life Coaching Mentorship is our premiere 6-month program tailored for advanced trance students who seek to deepen and elevate their trance skills across all platforms of expression.

Whether you are seeking to define your relationship with the infinite intelligence, offer private sessions that are spiritually transformative while being distinctive and reflective of who you are, conduct 1-1 mentoring for clients and students alike, this mentorship delivers.

All aspects of this program are devoted to the ultimate expression of you and your connection with the spirit world and universal consciousness.


Are you drawn to Andrej’s teachings, but cannot attend live due to being in a different time zone, or work, or other conflicts?

GOOD NEWS! You can study at a time that is best for you and at your own pace and can revisit the course as often as you like.

Self Study Courses Andrej Djordjevitch

A Series of Self-Study Courses for developing skills & knowledge, personal growth, and spiritual evolvement for trance mediumship and other healing professions.

Andrej offers 6 SELF STUDY courses:

New courses:

1. Jewel of Your Soul

2. Find Your Own Michael

3. Self Healing

Newly Upgraded:

4. Trance Healing Foundations

5. Trance Evidential Foundations

6. Spirit Guide Foundations