Andrej Djordjevitch

Andrej Djordjevitch

Transformational  Spiritual Life Coach
Spiritual Teacher and Trance Medium

Andrej Djordjevitch
Mentorships 2024 Andrej Djordjevitch

Andrej Partners with his Spirit Guide Michael creating unique transformational experiences and One-of-a-Kind Mentorship.

Andrej teaches in a Trance State and allows the Universal Consciousness he calls Michael to guide the class with direct teachings and esoteric knowledge which helps students deepen their experience and understanding of the trance states.

The Infinite Knowing Andrej calls Michael provides the energy which helps to build a bridge between the different levels of consciousness allowing each student the opportunity to access expansive levels of Infinite Intelligence. This lays the ground work for students to achieve more of their potential and manifest the energy of the universe.

The Mentorships include an exploration and training in Trance Healing, Trance Speaking, Trance Evidential, Trance Communication, Spirit Guides, Self-Healing, Higher Self, and Personal Growth and Development.

A Mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you. Bob Proctor

The mentorship helps you build a multidimensional partnership will all aspects of your being. We invite you to join us in 2024 to experience this extraordinary journey and personal transformation.

Andrej, Guide Michael, Elle and Jane


“Participating in Andrej’s Trance Mentorship Programs have been a beautiful, transformative experience for me. As a non-native speaker of English, I wasn’t quite sure if language could become an issue during the training. It has not been a problem and it has been easy to follow the program with Andrej’s guidance.

It has been a magical opportunity of interacting with other students from around the world. We’ve become an international community, a family, who comes together every month to learn, develop and experience the wonders of Spirit in this mentorship program.”

Kati Tuulipuro, Finland

“I’m deeply grateful and happy to be a part of Andrej’s Mentorship Class and for the warm-hearted and professional support and guidance of Elle Gulotta and Jane Himes. Andrej & Michael (Guide) are very down to earth, innovative, creative and loving mentors. The tutorials and talks are worth their weight in gold! The best company to let go, trust, surrender and to grow holistically in a safe environment. You are getting coached to your highest potential on all levels and you’ll find your unique way of connecting into everything there is to be able to give the best possible healing. So, I highly recommend this life changing yearly mentorship program that guides you into the World of Trance but even more to the beauty and power of your true self.”

Anne-Kathrin Lüders Bornholm/Denmark

“Every time I join this group a part of my mind opens up. I believe that it is being done quite fast this year. But now it is very fast. And at a pace I can cope with. What I know is every time I work with all of you in the Mentorship something new happens. I have the opportunity to expand my mind to a level greater than any previous existence I have ever had.”

Cathy Hardy, England

This has been an incredible journey for me since I have started with you. You have opened me up to so much and you have affected my life deeply. It has given me a direction; it is allowing me to process what has opened with me.“

Linda, USA

“Andrej, the way you teach is so authentic and it resonates with us, because you are actually teaching our true essence. You teach us to be our authentic self without the conditioning that other people have placed on us. And that is what makes you so different. You allow us to just be our unique self. You have taught us to connect to spirit through our true self. And not be afraid to express it and show it. I am so honored to be a part of your journey and you a part of mine. I have progressed so much in the 9 months since we started. Being able to have a space where it is safe to be vulnerable without feeling judged or criticized. You make it so comfortable for us to just be ourselves, We are very grateful for you to be our teacher and Guide Michael. You make all of this so natural.”

Chan United Kingdom

“There are many things that have touched my soul and my human being throughout this mentorship! From my old teacher’s point of view. I want to stress with all my heart: I have never come across any team teaching that is so intensely, really and honestly concerned with the development of the single student in a big group. It has been and still is deeply impressive for me as an ex-teacher who taught pupils from the age of 10 to 20, and who was involved in teachers’ training to see that students of very different levels of knowledge and insight can work together with each other in a very respectful, even loving way. It has been astounding for me to see and to feel the constant concern and love coming from all of you: Andrej and Guide Michael, Elle and Jane. Thank you!”

Christiane, North Germany

“I feel that even though Andrej & Michael’s teaching sounds quite simple, there’s so much depth to it, and it requires time and space to be fully embodied. That’s why having a full year of dedicated space is quite profound and meaningful”.

Naoko, Japan

“This program is easy to follow and very well structured. Our skills are developed one by one, progressively, at a speed that was convenient to me. I like the exercises we do with each other, and I was surprised several times by what I am able to do. I also had the opportunity to do a demonstration with the help of the energy of Andrej and Guide Michael, and it was really a fantastic experience bringing me far above my usual experiences.”

Luc Crasborn, Belgium

Trance is a natural state for everybody but as a medical doctor I am perhaps more critical about the method of teaching and the “results” which are achieved due to the guidance of a teacher. Andrej has established a connection to a cosmic energy which he calls Michael which is unique and very special. The extraordinary development of his students which I did witness during this mentorship is from my point of view, mainly based on the fact that Andrej teaches most of the time in a trance state and allows the cosmic energy Michael to connect to each student individually with the higher vibrations of the cosmos. This unique way of teaching allowed me to follow my own pathway and destiny. Thank you, Andrej and Michael.

Dr. Helga Hoerl, MD, Austria.

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