Into the Light

“Into the Light” is a Transformational Spiritual Journey and was created within the higher realms of Universal Consciousness that Andrej calls Michael.

Two tracks – Length:

  • Fountain of Light – 39.31
  • Universal Consciousness – 25.36


Fountain of Light

Universal Consciousness


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“Into the Light” is a Transformational Spiritual Journey and was created within the higher realms of Universal Consciousness that Andrej calls Michael. The music and journeys were recorded to enable you to cross the Spiritual Bridge from the physical world into the energetic world. These are progressive journeys which will transport you into the light and are unique methods of enabling your consciousness to become at one with the Intelligence of the Universe.

“Fountain of Light” and “Universal Consciousness” are both unique transformational journeys which will help you to fully immerse yourself into the Spiritual Consciousness of the Universe.

File downloaded in .zip format. Approx size 146mb

5 reviews for Into the Light

  1. Anne-Kathrin Lüders

    The moment the sound of the music starts and you hear Andrej’s voice the universe opens up. The energy resonates completely and within seconds you become energy or the true essence of yourself. Whenever I forget that – I randomly listen to any track of both albums and find my space to refuel myself with this lovely energy Andrej creates. Thanks to much, Andrej 🙂

  2. Kim Renne Copeland

    Just beautiful! Wow, words can’t express. Thank you Andrej!

  3. claudia m milligan

    I purchased “Into the light” after I had an experience in a class of Andrej’s. I listened to the recording a few times so far, and found the music to really help me let go of the physical and FLY!! I also did the meditation without the recording and found that as soon as I stepped up on the steps I was lifted up to fly. (Life is easier when I’m flying!!) It became really clear to me that I am part of the light, part of the whole, and I have all the resources I need to overcome any challenges and banish and imagined limitations. Thank you so much.

  4. Emma Harrison

    I purchased both of Andrej’s CDs – “In to the light” and “within the light”. They truly are amazingly magical and perfect in every way. They take you on an incredibly beautiful journey where you feel transported to other dimensions and realities. You will embark on an experience of its own kind, providing complete submersion in to the beautiful divine.

    Both CDs provide a soul-lightening experience with such an amazing connection full of joy, love and peace. Andrej has such a calming and gentle caring voice, allowing enough time to truly surrender and slip effortlessly in to that space where you can connect.

    These CDs are my guiding voice and light – Thank you Andrej x

  5. Marie Krabbsjö Strömstad Sweden

    I just did the meditation Fountain of light. It was an amazingly beautiful experience and I am filled with wonder that a meditation can have such an effect and be so powerful! It literally made my heart sing!

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