This is a great opportunity for you to interact and share what you have learnt, and the obstacles that you have had to overcome to understand a new concept.

I believe that we all have different ways of learning and understanding.

By sharing our experiences, we can help others to grow and understand that there are many ways to grasp a concept and that you just need to find the way that works for you.

Often in your life you will be told that you are doing something wrong but a lot of the time you are just not doing it in the way that society or someone wants you to do it.

This leads to a feeling of inadequacy and failure.

That is so wrong, but it has become a learnt mindset that we have to undo.

I want to interact and reply to any questions you may have about your learning experiences.

If you want to know how to move forward in your life, then ask me.

If you think you are stuck with your learning experience and want to expand then ask me.

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Andrej Djordjevitch

Andrej Djordjevitch is a Transformational Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Trance Medium offering online courses and in person courses


  1. Beth Hollman

    Hi Andrej,
    I was recently doing a trance speaking/healing reading for a friend as practice. Right before I went into my trance meditation, I made a comment about being open to whatever comes through and she commented that she hoped that I was open to whatever her team brings through. We smiled at one another and I continued. I did one of your regular trance meditations and went up the hill and into the fountain of light and down the path into the circle of chairs. In the center, I was met by three beings that were shaped like humans, but not human. Two had dark skin that looked almost shiny black to me. There was a male energy in the back that seemed to send intelligence to the female in the front who communicated with me through sound frequencies, which I understood. He never addressed me directly, only the female. I couldn’t see him clearly, but I could see her face and the best I can describe it is the eyes were dark pools and there was a quasi-nose, but no mouth. The bottom of the face was all smooth. Perhaps there was a mouth, but they didn’t speak with it and there were holes in the side of the head for hearing. Over the course of the reading, she explained to me that she was watchful of my friend. She guided her and helped heal her. She explained that she had a loyalty to someone my friend “belonged to” and what I felt was that my friend was somehow related in some way to this other being to which this woman had an allegiance. She made it feel that she was doing all of this work with honor and respect because of the relationship with this leader-being. It was incredible how she showed me that she would heal her. She would put an “energy salve” on wounds and in that salve, I could see numbers and signs and symbols that seemed like quantum physics in motion. And while listening back to the recording, she spoke fondly of my friend and even took me back to the place where she and the male figure lived. They had buildings I could best describe his barracks or a communal residence and didn’t do things at all like we do, but they would stand in an impression in a wall to receive nourishment and energy, which showed me that they are very efficient with their basic needs (I never saw them eat or sleep!?). Also, there was a little being with them the entire time. It looked like a wizard but I kept describing it as a magician and it was kind of like Tinker Bell and the way it followed us everywhere. It never spoke but emanated a sound like a whistle. Afterward, my friend said that she felt very comfortable, like a feeling of home. In my recording, I kept saying I didn’t know who the magician was or why they were there. Interestingly, my friend felt good about the reading and was grateful and believed that I connected with her Plieadian guides. Before we did the reading, she and I were talking about our lives and some of the challenges. The following day, two major concerns of mine were addressed out of the blue. One was completely eliminated with a positive outcome and the second was not resolved, but put me in a positive mindset that it will be. I did talk to my friend and she said that maybe the wizard was there for me. I’m just curious what you make of all this. I am grateful for her for that last little word before I went into trance because I don’t know if I would have been quite had she not said something. Do you believe that others can give us almost a power of suggestion to be open to what could come through? It almost feels like permission in the same way that I was never able to get to certain places in trance without your meditations, so you gave me permission in a way through your guidance. I know this is not evidential, and the experience is not for me, but for my friend. If I were to interpret it, it almost seems like a dream or something. I feel good about it because it was meaningful to her. I would appreciate your thoughts on whether I was open because of her suggestion and how I can set that intention every time I go into trance. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you as a wonderful teacher and an amazing guide.

    1. Andrej Djordjevitch

      The mind is such a powerful tool which creates your own reality.
      Your journey through life is constantly evolving from one reality to another.
      Others can not directly change your reality, but they can present an idea or concept, which can give you an opportunity to expand and grow.
      Your friend made a suggestion to you which made sense to you, and you decided to allow your consciousness to expand and evolve.
      In my development as a Trance Medium I did set an intention but it was very simple and straightforward.
      I just sat and allowed my mind to becoming “at one ” with the Spiritual Intelligence and allowing any process to unfold.

      1. Beth Hollman

        Thank you, Andrej. That’s is a great intention for me to implement in my own practice as well. I appreciate your thoughtful reply. Happy New Year!!

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