Michael talks about the Creation Process

Andrej connects to a Universal Consciousness  he calls “Michael”.

During this connection, Michael expresses  consciousness through the mind of Andrej.


Strands of Creative Consciousness

Throughout all existence and multi Universes, there is a constant movement of strands of creative energy. These infinite strands of consciousness are in constant motion attracting and combining with other strands containing similar energetic information.

These Strands of creative consciousness carry  memories of previous experiences and are in constant search for opportunity to create and express new experiences. Vital to understanding the the strands of creative consciousness concept is the  understanding that this process also creates within it self.

These energetic strands of consciousness can never be destroyed. They are in a continuous cycle   of creation and evolvement.


Sphere of Creative Consciousness

Once enough energic strands of creative consciousness converge and reach a critical mass they form a new sphere of intelligent creative consciousness.

This energetic process of generating a new creation is what humanity terms the “Big Bang Theory”

This new creation is an evolvement of previous experiences coalescing into something new; it is energy constantly converting from one form to another.

One of these spheres of creative consciousness is your Universe. There are thousands of spheres of creative consciousness all constantly creating their own Universe and the laws that apply within them.

Your Universe

Your Universe is one intelligent energetic sphere of light consciousness among infinite spheres of intelligent consciousness  scattered throughout the boundless vastness of everything that exists through eternal space and time.

Parameters of creation are governed by memory of experiences contained within the converged strands of creative consciousness that formed the sphere of creation. Creation of your Universe was formed by the sphere of creative consciousness that coalesced to create a reality containing matter and also dimensions of non matter.

Impetus for creating a Universe of matter and non matter was to actualise space for dualistic experiences, a place to compare opposing experiences encountered by you. Your matter based Universe also created the experience of separation and individuality.

You Universe constantly creates and evolves . It has now reached a plateau of collective experiences which will exist for some time.


New Spheres of Creation

The Universal principle of conservation of energy states that what has been created can not be destroyed. Your current reality was created and will be recreated as increased energy of creative consciousness binds, extends, seeks, and converges to emerge in a new form. As energetic beings you can influence energy to change form, but can not create or destroy it.

The critical mass transformational  process will begin when the majority of humanity firmly understand that there is no  barrier between matter and non matter.

Whatever you have created you will uncreate !

To believe a final phase exists is a fallacy- it is transformation of energy. It is a process where matter transforms back into its purest form of light energy.

The final part of the process occurs when  matter gets  transformed back into pure energy by uncreating everything that you have created within your Universe.

Once again pure light energy, this emergent strand of creative consciousness, imbued with memory experiences of its recent incantation, extends to converge with other strands of similar memories and  come together to actualise a new sphere of consciousness of infinite potentiality.

Wisdom of the former collective, carried forth by strands of Creative Consciousness, creates the parameters of the newly formed sphere. Seeded with infinite options and opportunities for evolvement based upon its previous experiences , a new cycle of creation begins.

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