Andrej Djordjevitch

Andrej Djordjevitch

Transformational  Spiritual Life Coach
Spiritual Teacher and Trance Medium

Andrej Djordjevitch

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Find your own Michael and Andrej

“Be Yourself. By being yourself, you are manifesting the pure essence of Universal Consciousness. When I say be yourself, that is what I mean.” – Andrej Djordjevitch

“Remembering who you are” is greater than the truth of you as a human being. It is about remembering that you are a part of and an expression of the vast Universal Consciousness within your human experience.

An Extraordinary Adventure of Discovery Awaits YOU as a Multi-Dimensional Being:

  • Gain a better understanding of who you are and learn to recognize the energetic presence of your own “Michael”.
  • Learn the pathways you have access to within the infinite levels of intelligence and pathways connected to your truest expression.
  • Explore the corridors of potential experiences that are meant for you to manifest on the energy that you are.
  • Experience greater dimensions of consciousness and all (past, present, future) experiences that are a part of your unique expression.
  • Explore the unlimited pathways and connections that exist in the far-reaching realms within our multi-verse (angelic and ancestral realms, enlightened & intergalactic beings, the natural world, and star systems to name a few).
  • Learn how to be more aware of and respond to the opportunities that are continually coming your way for expressing the reality of who you are.
  • 2 Educational Talks
  • 3 Guided Journeys/Processes
  • 2 Days of Classroom Experiences and Activities
  • Special Educational Video: Introduction to the Quality and Quantity of the Energy that flow through you
  • Bonus Recording from Andrej’s Private Collection: Universal Consciousness
  • Bonus Video: Why does the Intelligence Choose Humanity to Express Love?
When you “understand who you are” you will become more aware of all the opportunities that are coming your way for your unique expression to take place.
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