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Your Spirit Team consists of many enlightened beings who contribute to your Soul’s Life Mission.

Some of your spirit guides work directly with you in your everyday life, but their energy is often so closely aligned with yours that you may find yourself questioning their presence.
  • Energetically identify members of your spirit team
  • Meet your Gateway guide
  • Become aware of when you and your gateway guide have become ONE
  • Tap into information about your personal growth and development in your role as the earthly representative of your spirit team
  • Break through personal block and barriers
  • Practice blending techniques in order to access higher reals of consciousness and vibrational frequencies
  • Invoke and feel the presence of your spirit team, connect and converse with your spirit guides, and embrace their higher guide and embrace thier higher guidance
  • 3 Educational Talks
  • 3 Guided Journeys/Processes
  • 3 Days of Classroom Experiences and Activities
  • 2 Bonus Trance videos
  • Bonus Recording from Andrej’s Private Collection: Temple of Enlightened Ones
  • Bonus Video: You and Your Spirit Team
When you “understand who you are” you will become more aware of all the opportunities that are coming your way for your unique expression to take place.
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