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Self Healing Andrej Djordjevitch

Self-Healing is one of our most natural and highly evolved abilities. It is the privilege and birthright of every single human-being whether we are aware of it or not.

We each have an inner healing force, an innate active intelligence that knows what we need and when we need it. This force also brings our attention to our inner yearnings so we can realize them. This inner healing force knows how to keep us in harmony and balance. We can RE-DISCOVER this inner alignment and resonance. We can RE-LEARN how to partner with it to heal on many levels.

You will learn how to become a healing vessel for yourself through:

  • Accessing your inner wisdom that alerts you when you are out of alignment with your wholeness
  • Creating health daily by listening to the part of you that needs the most attention
  • Understanding the messages your body is giving you through aches, pains, and discomfort
  • Tapping into the blueprint of your harmonious physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual self
  • Experiencing the courage to let go of everything that is not you
  • Embracing the power of synchronizing your Mind and Emotions
  • 3 Educational Talks
  • 6 Guided Journeys/Processes
  • 3 Days of Classroom Experiences and Activities
  • Special Educational Video: Stepping Further into Yourself
  • Bonus Recording from Andrej’s Private Collection: Fountain of Light
  • Bonus Video: Trance in Our Everyday Lives
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