Your Mind

Your Mind is a computer, and you are the programmer.

Is it time to reprogramme your mind?

From an early age you will be have learnt from  your parents, teachers, and your experiences in life how to interact and respond to any given situation.

You will have automatically programmed set responses to everything that has happened to you.  Throughout  your life when you come across similar experiences you will automatically react with the same responses that your mind has previously created.

This is a normal human behavioural pattern.

If you want to change your life, then you need to start to analyse your reactions to life and start to ask yourself a few questions.

Do your responses still serve you?

Are these your reactions or are they someone else’s ideas of how you should respond and react in any given situation?

You are constantly evolving which means that any learnt responses will probably no longer serve you, but you will automatically default to them. This leads to a sense of stagnation and frustration as you expand your thoughts and grow but you still respond to life in the same way.

How may times have you said to yourself “When will I ever learn?”

That is because you are using you default response and not the best response based on your current understanding.

Unless you have consciously changed your responses to life, the chances are that you are still using other people’s ideas of how you should respond ,which have been programmed into you since childhood.


If you don’t like your experience, then change your response to it.

Start to reprogramme your mind by changing the way that you respond to any experience.

This is not as difficult as you think.

The first steep is realising that you automatically respond to life based on previous experiences.

The second step is to realise that you can decide to change your reaction to any given circumstance in your life.

The third step is to implement that change in response into anything you want it to be.

Remember you are the programmer of your own outcome and reality. You can decide how you to want to feel about any situation by changing your response and reaction.


Why am I so happy?

Has life stopped throwing all its rubbish at me? No, in fact life is throwing more rubbish at me!

What has changed in my life is that I will not allow any external influence to effect the way that I want to feel.

This thought, put into action has transformed my life, because it is true.

You decide how you want to feel about  any experience, the experience does not control you, you control your interaction with the experience.

For the rest of the day ask yourself one question “How do you want to react to life today?”

Do you want to carry on reacting in the same way or do you want to change the way you react ?

If you need help and support to make those changes in your life then visit this link  Individual Coaching





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  1. Karin Uiling

    Yes you are so right, but with Traumatic braininjury not that easy. and as a Neuroliguistic Psychology coach not easy anymore.

    I hope to learn with the help of my helpers.

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