You are the Universe experiencing its self in human form for a few seconds !

Universal Consciousness is an undeniable awareness by the individual that no fragmentation exists between a living dynamic, universe and the physical world. It is a state when an individual opens to the realisation its identity is interrelated with the unified field of everything that is. This everything that is is called the Universal Consciousness or Universal Mind.

Several options to achieve this self realisation that you are an integral  part of Universal Consciousness  are practised.

Ancient spiritual truths from around the world show and teach us that this state of awareness can be achieved by any person. Patanjali teaches this state of reality can be gained through ashtanga, the eightfold path of Yoga, as detailed in the Yoga Sutras.

Today, new science combines with ancient wisdom teachings, empowers a new paradigm, informing our current reality as one of being powerful co-creative beings, cultivating mindful awareness in a collaborative process with subtle, dynamic universal energy.

You can  achieve mindful awareness of Universal Consciousness.

Where to begin to access Universal Consciousness? Meditation.

Meditation, a practice of quieting  the mind and looking within is a good starting point. Meditation allows one to become aware that nothing exists in isolation through every deepening levels of consciousness. Meditation can be ten minutes, or hours long, or as simple as focussing on your breathing as you inhale and exhale. Meditation is a personal practice cultivated and refined over time. The most important purpose of meditation is that it provides respite from the noise and distraction of modern day, to promote expanded states of consciousness and awareness of the Universal Mind.

I personally came to the realisation, through many years of Trance Mediumship, we all have access to everything existing within Universal Consciousness. Each expansive experience led me further into Universal Consciousness and to the realisation that :

When we accept we ARE Universal Consciousness then every potential possibility becomes available to us.

Methods to achieving expanded states of consciousness are many. To learn more about my processes to support your personal expansion into a greater awareness of Universal Consciousness, please visit here

What does this mean to you ?

Everything is energy. You are energy. You are an infinite field of creative consciousness. Access to any aspect of Universal Mind is within your power and capability. You mind is more than a computer receiving input. Your mind is a dynamic, creative subtle energy field fully integrated with a dynamic, creative energetic Universe fully integrated within each  sub-atomic particle  of your physical being.

Your capacity to access and express anything and everything  is possible, provided your mind can comprehend and process the complexity of the information it receives.

Your expansion as an  individual is a life long experience, its like enrolling at the University of Universal Consciousness. The more involved you are with the subtle intricacies of your mind awareness, and how it interacts with Universal Consciousness, the more information you receive from the Universal Mind.

As you grow and expand, so to grows your understanding and your ability to process and comprehend greater complexities of Universal Knowledge.

Expansion and Enlightenment

Your journey through life helps you understand that all the parameters and boundaries in life have been set in place by you! At any one time  your mind allows personal experiences within these boundaries, or as I call them “Segments of Universal Consciousness”. You become informed and grow through this experience of expanding into any particular aspect of Universal Consciousness that are contained within your personal boundaries  that you have sub consciously set. As you start to grow and expand in awareness, your boundaries naturally extend and you begin to experience more complex segments of Universal Consciousness. These segments have always existed, but your mind needed to comprehend prior experiences in order to process and understand the increased complexities if Universal Consciousness.

I view self-development and personal growth as a torch that becomes brighter and brighter, illuminating undiscovered aspects of Universal Consciousness.

The more you expand , the brighter and wider you cast your light.

The more light you cast, the more and more you expand.

The more you expand, the more growth you experience.

The more growth you experience, the more complexity you understand.

Your relationship with Universal Consciousness is totally reciprocal.

No separation exists, only magic and true understanding that you are , always have been, and always will be, part of everything that is.










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