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Humanity has begun to accept that what you think and feel you become. You create your reality.

This goes beyond positive thinking. You can change your automatic response to circumstances and create new neural pathways which replace old patterns which no longer serve you.

The best way to explain this is to emphasise that you are a powerful creative being in constant interaction with everything around you, whether you are conscious of your actions or not. Most interactions or reactions to outside stimuli are habitual and hardwired into your brain. These habitual reactions are deeply ingrained responses involving the nervous system and brain chemistry.

The first point is to understand that you are Creative Universal Consciousness, which means that you have constantly created responses to life experiences. It is your automatic responses that have created your default, or hardwired, emotional responses to current situations, and will apply to future situations unless you consciously make effort to change your emotional response.

Your mind can change ingrained patterns by actively choosing to respond differently to situations rather than carry over automatic default patterns from previous experiences into current experiences. Remember you are Creative Universal Consciousness with ability to create new reality. You have the power to cease recycling your current reality based on past experiences.

Whatever your experiences are in life then they become your reality.

What is interesting is everyone can experience the same situation, but each person will create different realities based on their cultural social norms, family, schooling, and religion.

Religion is a strong example. Each religion is accessing the same source, the creative force of the Universe that many call God. But each religion creates their own religious reality based upon their teachings, which creates a separate reality from other religions. That is why there has been so much religious conflict in the world, as everyone is trying to prove that their reality is the right one. Everyone is accessing the same God or Universal Consciousness, but they are creating totally different realities.

This principle of creating a personal reality applies to everything in life, including self-healing. For instance, during your life if you have every felt sad about a situation then that feeling of sadness automatically becomes your default reality, unless you consciously decide to change it.

Your mind is constantly interacting with life in two concurrently ways.

Firstly, your mind is remembering all your previous reactions to any past experiences and presenting the illusion that that previous reaction must be your current reality.

Secondly, your mind is constantly creating new illusions, based on any new experiences, to process and understand its interaction with its surroundings.

Life itself is not good or bad it is just an opportunity for you to express and interact with everything around you.

You decide how you want to respond to life. It is a conscious act to choose an alternative response to life’s experiences based upon your current surroundings.

You have full control over your response to life once you understand two things.

  • You can replace what you have already created and create a different response to life.
  • When you decide to choose your actual reaction rather than default to historical patterns, you start to create changes in your life based upon mindful response.

Nothing is important in life unless you make it important.

You are powerful creators and are constantly creating responses to everything in life which can be simplified into two main responses.

You can choose to respond to life as positive or negative, glass half full or half empty or even in simpler terms, happy or sad.

Self-Healing starts by understanding that your response to life is not just limited to your thoughts, but to every aspect of your being. So, by changing your responses to life you can start to change who and what you are on many levels.

It is your life, and it can unfold in the way that you want it to, it is your decision.

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