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Michael talks about Filters


There are 2 types of human filters.

Subconscious (Passive)

Conscious (Active)

Subconscious filters are the core aspect of you, they also form your subconscious parameters of expansion, in other words how much you can let go and expand into Universal Consciousness. You cannot actively change these filters; they change as you change and evolve as a human being.

Conscious filters are based on what you have read, what you have been taught and any spiritual or holistic practice that you have learnt or are currently practicing, these are active in your mind.

The Intelligence has to flow through your conscious filters. For instance, if you resonate with past life therapy then you will create a framework of past lives that the intelligence has to work through. If you use your medical intuition, then the intelligence will have to work through a framework of medical issues. If you are an evidential medium, then you will create a framework where the intelligence has to work through discarnate spirit being present.

You play a major part in the process as your “filters” colour or can restrict the Healing Intelligence from its most effective path.

Trance is about removing your filters, and particularly your active conscious filters.

In your early stages of Trance development, you would have learnt to remove your awareness from the client to somewhere else (Point A to point B) which is a great starting point as it allows the Intelligence to flow strongly.

The next stage of your Trance Development is to become passive when you move your awareness somewhere else (Point B). This is necessary because even though you have removed your awareness from the patient you are still using your conscious filters, past lives/medical intuition/discarnate spirit etc which creates a framework that can restrict the flow of the intelligence.

Once you can move into the next stage of being passive then your Trance ability will move to the next level of consciousness.

Your aim is to become 100 % passive and have no awareness and no memory of your experience. This can only happen with continuous practice and using different stages of removing your awareness until you achieve your goal of complete at oneness with Universal Consciousness.

Michael 2/4/2024



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