Who is Michael?

Michael is  Universal Consciousness.

Before I can explain my current  perception of Michael, it is necessary to explain my previous perception of Michael.

Who was Michael?

Early in my spiritual development some time ago  I became aware  I was not alone. Not in the way when no one else is present, but in a greater sense of something beyond my understanding was possible. I could sense the presence of an energetic intelligence but did not understand what I was perceiving.

Not being able to ignore this pervasive feeling, I asked questions and was told by my mentor that this was a Spirit Guide . Curious to understand more about Spirit Guides , my mind went into investigation mode.

I was informed Spirit Guides were traditionally indigenous people who had evolved beyond physical death. To understand indigenous people as Spirit Guides better, I persisted with my query and was told Guides were either North American, Chinese Herbalists or Tibetan Monks.

At that time, the Spiritualist Church I attended contained pictures of indigenous people of North America, so it followed that my early perception of my first Spirit Guide would be a First Nation North American. As i ventured into Healing my perception of my guide changed again into a Chinese Herbalist. When I became more philosophical, my perception changed gain. My guide became a Tibetan Monk.

Later, my awareness experienced Spirit Guides as part of a team. I now has several Spirit Guides to call upon for support during any situation. A data base to organise my guides by individual speciality had to be created. Then, I became aware that these guides were only at one level. As my understanding continued to to expand so did numerous levels of guides appear. At this point I realised the sheer enormity of the task to maintain order of guides and their specialities which now was becoming virtually impractical. Surely, Spiritual Growth can not be this complicated ! A new and refined way to connect was imperative.

Finally, I came to understand that all of my Guides were part of a  group consciousness. This revelation had a promise of consolation , but my mind could not grasp the concept of of connecting to a group as one consciousness.

My first “light bulb” moment occurred when I decided to focus on one energy to be the spokesperson for this group consciousness. This concept served me well for many years. Now, connection to one singular Spirit Guide who accessed everything, was viable.

It is important to mention, early in my development all the energies I was aware of presented to me in human form. Now I know, the human mind connects to a singular energy in forms that are recognizable by the mind. In my experience, as with many, we tend to construct human images of the intelligence, rather than formless nature of consciousness. This concept of thinking  lends well to trusting one’s perception during initial phases of communicating and interacting with Universal Energies.

My perception expanded as my understanding of what energy I was connecting to deepened. Energy presenting in human form dissipated as I began to focus on an intelligence of pure love and light. Interestingly, this is what I had always experienced, but only through Spirt Guides. Now, the need for Spirt Guides to connect to the intelligence is no longer needed as I just connect to intelligent energy.

I discovered that it is  the quality of the energy that is important, not the image that is processing the energy.

This intelligence is not  singular. it is an expansive, omnipresent energy throughout everything. I name it ” Universal Consciousness”

As this Universal Consciousness became even more expansive in my awareness, I found it difficult once again to explain the dynamic, ever evolving nature of it, and thought one word is now needed to describe an energetic consciousness of such great capacity. Michael.

Who is Michael today?

In various trance communications with Universal Consciousness, I name Michael , I know I can only process segments of information that my mind is capable of comprehending and processing at that moment in time. As my understanding extends, I uncover more of my ability to comprehend aspects of Michael I had previously been unable to process.

Michael reveals infinite Universes exist. Michael exists in the space between these multiple Universes. Michael  requires a method to access a Universe by sharing consciousness with an energy contained within the intended receiving Universe. I am an energy that Michael uses to access our Universe. Michael has just begun to share information about creative consciousness existing within other Universes. At this time my mind can not fully understand concepts of Universes comprised if pure thought. As I extend my consciousness I hope to interpret more and more of Michael’s wisdom. Like a child entering Nursery School to learn to read and write, my mind has to learn how to process information in ways that have not yet been realised.

My understanding as of this moment in time is; we are all part of Universal Consciousness  that expresses through multiple Universes. As we uncover extended aspects of ourselves, more and more truth of ourselves as beings of energy, inexplicably part of Universal Consciousness, is revealed. We have always been, and will always be, integral co-creators of Universal Consciousness. The human mind can only express this consciousness bases on current spiritual development and understanding it has in this moment in time.

You can connect  to Michael Here





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