Universal Consciousness is a state of awareness in which the consciousness of the individual realises that it is part of everything that is.

This everything that is is called the Universal Consciousness or Universal Mind.

How can you achieve this?

The self realisation that you are part of everything that is can be achieved in several ways.

Patanjali teaches that this state of reality can be achieved through the eightfold path of Yoga as described in the Ancient text of the Yoga Sutras.

Meditation and looking within is a good starting point to experience the deepening levels of consciousness, before you expand and come to the self reality that there is no separation and you are part of everything that exists.

I personally came to the realisation through the Trance Mediumship, over many years, with each experience expanding more and more into the Universal Consciousness and to the realisation that if we accept that we are the Universal Consciousness then we have access to everything that it contains.

There are many methods of achieving this blissful state of utopia, if you would like to learn my methods then you can visit here

What does this mean to you ?

Everything is energy and you are part of everything so it follows that you can access any part of the Universal Consciousness you want at any time. Your mind has access to the most powerful computer in the universe and you can input and export anything you want provided your mind can process and understand the information.

Your growth as an individual is like enrolling into the University of Universal Consciousness. The more that you learn about your mind and how it interacts with the Universe the more you can input and receive from the great computer of the Universe. As you grow  so does your understanding of life and your ability to understand and process new information.

Expansion and Enlightenment

Your journey through life is to understand that at any one time your are restricted by the parameters and  boundaries that you set in place. You experience life within those boundaries, or I like to call them segments of the Universal Consciousness. In other words you only access and become aware of  a segment of Universal Consciousness that your mind allows you to experience based on the boundaries you have created,

As you grow and expand then you broaden your boundaries and start to experience other segments of the Universe that have always been there but your mind was not able  to process or understand the information.

I see self development and growth as a torch which gets brighter and brighter and illuminating more and more segments of Universal Consciousness.

The brighter your light shines the more you see.

The more you see the more you expand.

The more you expand the more you grow.

There is no separation only the magic and true understanding that you are, and have always been, part of everything that is. 




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Andrej Djordjevitch

Andrej Djordjevitch

Andrej Djordjevitch is a Transformational Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Trance Medium offering online courses and in person courses

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